Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Working Pleasures for "Old Folks"

Prior to "shutting down" our old Gateway 2000 computer, we put many items on 2 disc. At that time we were busy with many things and didn't take time to write an index of what was included. 3-day Holidays are good for going back and doing things that were not high priority under normal times. Activities such as developing this index is something that "old people" can enjoy doing as a couple and also produce a usable product. There is literally no cost involved and it provides an opportunity to refresh dormant skills. I even learned some new things about 2-column listings. Elaine honed her shorthand skills by taking my dictation as I read the various folders from the disc and what was in each of them. She then typed up a listing and I took it from there with her help getting it cut down to fit in the case. It is neat to see the old pictures. 
Both of these pictures were taken nearly 10 years ago. Verlon was back from Richmond, VA for a visit and Carolyn was showing him a scrapbook she had prepared. This other picture was taken about the same time at a Vrana Cousins Reunion. Ted and Muffy did the planning for it to be held in the old Village Gardens on "O" street in Lincoln. Each family providing a quilt block which was one of the projects. It was one of our best reunions and the picture is most precious. To think that all of these memories can be stored on one disc.

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