Saturday, December 3, 2016

First Snowfall & Clear Thinking

Snow fell in Seward throughout much of the day today. The temperature remained in the low 30's, so much of it melted as it hit the ground. The heat retained on the street and sidewalks, also caused it to melt. Our Coffee Klatch criteria for counting a "snow" is "ability to track a rabbit". There is also an old adage that suggest, we will receive as many snows during the winter, as the number on the Calendar when we receive the season's first. I doubt that will hold true this winter since today is the 3rd of December. Our month of November was so pleasant that seeing the snow today caused us to feel like we had moved from fall directly in to  winter.
There is nothing very picturesque about these "bi-fold" closet doors in our hallway, but seeing them in the repaired condition relieves a lot of frustration. We take so many things for granted when they continue to function properly, but when they don't, it's a problem. A few days ago, it appeared that the right door's little "hanger" had been damaged and dropped out of the metal channel at the top of the door casing, in which the hanger moved back and forth as the door was folded to open. (The double doors on the closet in our lower level, are hung from a double channel.)  Being unable to buy what we thought we needed in Seward, we drove down to Menard's in Lincoln and got a replacement. It didn't work like I thought it should, so when John and Julie stopped by today, I asked him to take a look at it. He quickly saw that the little plastic guide at the door sill end of the metal channel was slipping. That guide contains a "socket" into which, what I thought of as a hanger  is more like a "pin",  protrudes. The bottom of the door has a similar "set up" and it is those little "sockets" in which the "pins" (not hangers) fit, that stabilize the door. The top channel "pin", just keeps the door in line. It was fixed by tightening the top socket in place. This is an example of a preconceived system blinding me from seeing the real problem. Thanks, John, for clear eyes and an open mind in correctly seeing how the system works. 

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