Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Family Visit

Jon, Mary and Anna got in late last night after flying from the Washington, D.C. area into Omaha and driving on out to Seward. They were so quiet coming in that we didn't hear them and decided they must have stayed in Omaha. I was most surprised to see the rental car while getting in the morning papers. Jon went along with me downtown for coffee. It was a small group but we had a good visit. I had taken along some old Seward pictures which showed up while cleaning some files over the Holiday. Jon gave us some 1st hand perspective on the anticipation back in Washington, D.C. We came home past some of Seward's new downtown construction.
John, Julie, Sadie and Jack along with Carolyn came to visit  this evening. It takes Sadie a bit to get acquainted with people she hasn't seen for a while, but Jon got her interested in pushing some buttons on the Accordion. She also liked him showing her on a map the distance they had flown to get here. Jack had awakened from a nap about the time they came, but he soon came around to being his normal cute self. We spent much of the afternoon getting the new Dell Laptop computer set up that Jon and Mary got me for Christmas. It will replace the old HP PC that Jon helped me buy back in '07. It has served us well but has been on it's "last legs" for a while.

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