Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's Been A Great Year

We are in the midst of a cold wave with single digit temperatures and strong winds. We are to have some freezing rain tomorrow evening which will turn to light snow. We keep a good supply of groceries on hand and had a busy day today by doing some business at the Bank this morning, then meeting Don and Gladys for lunch at the Villager. It's always a good time when we get together plus a great lunch. I was even able to get a couple small problems with my laptop taken care of at Computer World. We did a bit of shopping and were surprised at the number of people out on such a cold day. I spent some time this evening selecting pictures to put on collages for 2016. I usually have 2-3 pages with as many as 40 pictures on each page. It may be more this year with the company we've had and Great Grandchildren near by.
Picking out these "select" pictures serves as a good catharsis from hearing the daily world news. The relationship with Russia is a real concern as we move into uncharted waters with the new administration. We were really fortunate with the number of visits we've enjoyed during the year with our kids and their families. Their visits are also "excuses" to do some of the enjoyable things that we wouldn't do on our own. While we really appreciate Carolyn, Ben and their family being close by, it is really great when the others get back a couple times during the year.

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