Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hog in a Pickup Truck

Jack was with us this morning and brought along his own white pickup and school bus to add to our "fleet". He doesn't recognize the need for space between vehicles but likes to line them up close together. He will then push the back one and make them look like a train. He has little rubber animals and this morning decided to load the pig in the big pickup. It reminded me of the time when another fellow and I did some work for a farmer who had an old Yorkshire sow for sale. The price was right so we tied her down in the back of our pickup and headed for the Model Locker Plant here in Seward where they butchered, cut up, and put meat in our lockers. We were only a couple miles down the road when she stood up and looked at us through the rear window of our pickup. We debated what to do but decided to just keep moving and drive the 8-9 miles into the Locker plant where we got her unloaded and everything worked out fine.  We ate bacon all winter and returned the rope to the farmer.

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