Friday, December 23, 2016

Page 1 of 2016 collage

A 620 Kodak Camera was one of the first things I bought when I began working  on Highway construction the summer between my Junior and Senior year of High School. I have taken many pictures since then and been through several cameras. I'm still taking them with my Panasonic Lumix digital. For a long time we have made up collages of the years "selected" pictures. This is the 1st page for 2016. It will probably take 4 pages this year. We also write a brief caption of each picture on a sheet to accompany each collage. There is a "story" about each picture and also a story by looking at the whole page. Great Grandson Jack appears most often. Most were taken here in Seward and only 3 were taken in Lincoln. This says a lot about what we consider "Kodak opportunities". I use Microsoft Excel to put these together. It is my only use of Excel though the process involves many of the features of the "Word" program. I only go through the process of making these once a year and must admit that it took some "trial and error" today to refresh my memory on the process. It might be a good idea to record the steps to follow since I won't be able to finish this year until after New Years, and I may forget it by then.

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