Monday, December 12, 2016

Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick

Jack spent some time with us today and when he comes, there is never a time when he doesn't do or say something new. He is now putting words together in short sentences. He is shown here  sitting on my exercise bike that has handlebars that are pulled back and forth in coordination with the foot pedals.While he will have to be a pretty big boy before he can "do it all", he was able to pull himself up to set on the seat today and work the handlebars. He likes to look through Nebraska Farmer magazines for the pictures of Tractors, Combines, etc. He now refers to "Red tractor" and "Green Combine". He has a bit of a problem understanding why some combines have a grain head and others are equiped with a corn head. I can't even imagine what all he will know and be able to do before he starts to school. My interest in Jack's ability to learn and do new things every day is heightened by the recognition, that for me, it's just the opposite.  Elaine and I can't have a conversation without helping each other remember peoples names and places. Our abilities to do simple tasks are often complicated by one miscue leading to another.  Elaine and I have recognized that there was probably never a time in our 67years of marriage when we were more important to each other. Having Jack around is a good morale booster, and we just hope that his ability to learn new things continues at a much faster pace that our rate of declining capabilities.

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