Friday, December 16, 2016

Bowzer and our Menagerie

Bowzer has emerged as one of Jack's favorites from among the 27 stuffed animals that I bought at a recent auction. He is some 14 inches high in this sitting position. We have had him around since the November 12 auction and is the largest of any of the pack. Jack is able to "rough-house" with him and even sets on him like a pony. It wasn't until this evening that I read his tag and found him to be a Dakin with a registered trademark. I Googled it and found that he comes from a large family. Many of his siblings are listed on eBay and are quite valuable. We have already given away several of the original number, but are becoming more attached to those remaining, the longer they are displayed around our living room. We gave several of them to the "Pack the Cruiser" Christmas collection and a few others as gifts. I'm sure they will help some children have a Merry Christmas.
The auctions was for the estate of an elderly lady who had never married. She began working in a local Bank right out of high school and worked there until in her 90's. She lived alone out on the family farm where she was born during most of her life. All of the stuffed animals were in "new" condition and must have been kept in an enclosed cabinet. Many of them have a little red, heart shaped tag with the letters "ty" attached. On one little dog it says, "Beanie Buddy, original".  By opening the tag we learn that the dogs name is "Fetch". He was introduce in May of 1998 and retired in December of '98. Jack knew which little dog Julie liked, he always called it, "Mommy dog" so we sent it home with her the other day. My favorite is the Teddy Bear wearing a "Nebraska" sweater.

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