Friday, November 11, 2016

Recording the Past for Future Entertainment

On Holidays like today, when we are not involved in anything special, I always try to do something specific that needs to be done. Today's project was getting all our Christmas Letters in a binder. We now have what we sent to "Family and Friends" every year from 1980 through 2015 with the exception of 1986. While we have written summaries of each years activities, these Christmas letters are an excellent summary of our family and activities during that year. 
The binder contains several other, "Over the Years" items including: Key Dates, My Birthdays, Elaine's Birthdays (since '48), Thanksgivings (since '40), Christmases (since '40), Cameras, Guns, Wedding Anniversaries, Vrana Ancestory, and Texas Trips. We have written a paragraph or two on how we celebrated our birthdays and even more on what we did on Thanksgivings and Christmases. We have pictures of each of the cameras and Guns that we have ever owned.  All of this is really just "props" to help us remember the past. We have normally stressed the positive in any of our writing so it is pleasant reading. After all of the work on this today, we did enjoy a piece of Cherry Pie with Pecan Ice Cream.

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