Saturday, November 5, 2016

Auction & Switching Schefflerias

This DeKalb Hybrid Seed Corn sack is only one of several hundred items that were on the Schweitzer Auction this morning in the 4-H building at the Seward Co. Fairgrounds. The auction included items from 3 families in the Staplehurst community. There was a Gun Show going on next door at the Ag Pavilion. Fortunately, each facility has there own parking facilities and both were filled. I enjoy these auction since they refresh my memory on items that were very much a part of my early life. This sack that was hung on the wall with many others is an example. I haven't planted corn during the past 65 years, but this DeKalb sack of the #847 variety was a very  popular number in my farming youth. It and #817 were 2 of our favorites. We used them when we picked by hand and continued to do so after getting a 2-row, New Ideal, pull-type, side elevator, cornpicker. 
We were given a Schefflera plant some 20 years ago and Elaine has taken cuttings, used Rootone, and started several new plants over the years. The picture to the right, shows one of them that has been in our kitchen for some time. This afternoon we brought two plants in from the north side of our back yard fence where they had spent the summer. Here is how the newly moved in one looks as compared to the older, more spreading one. We may put the older one on Seward Swap. 

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