Sunday, November 13, 2016

Different Toys for Different Kids

Here is an item from yesterday's Bredow Estate Auction  that sold for something like $425. I didn't look at it closely but believe having the original box must have helped. I knew Rhoda to take good care of things at the Bank where she worked most all her adult life, and she obviously also took good care of her toys. Most of us had younger siblings, kids or grandkids to "wear out" our toys, but she didn't have any of those, so they were still in "new" condition. Her parents owned land, were apparently successful, and I'm sure, bought her anything she may have wanted. 
The little 3-wheeler sold for $450. and the horse and cart for $140. It was apparent that several bidders were knowledgeable of how such items were valued; it isn't by the amount of enjoyment a Great Grandchild may get by playing with them. And, that was the criteria for purchases I made. Sadie and Jack got over to see the 27 stuffed animals, which I got for a bargain price , and were quite amazed. I was at a Church meeting when they came but Elaine said they were pretty excited. This little Nebraska Teddy Bear might even be more popular after the Husker's 24-17 victory last night.

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