Saturday, November 19, 2016

Early Days in Seward

It's amazing what a person can find among their "stuff" when the day's high temperature is in the mid-40's and the Nebraska football game isn't available on our TV. I opened a couple drawers this afternoon and found some old cassette tapes. This one is dated 1/22/81 and involves Bob Imig interviewing Jack Graff about the City of Seward during the early days. Jack was born here in  1908 and has been gone for several years. Bob was considerably younger but he too is no longer with us. I hadn't used the cassette player for a number of years but after putting batteries in it, was able to faintly hear the conversation. Jack had a good memory, and it didn't take much encouragement from Bob for him to talk about all the buildings and businesses around the "square". Jack refers to George Thomas frequently as telling him about things that "happened before my time". With Seward planning to celebrate their 150th anniversary next year, this tape may be of interest to those planning the celebration.

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