Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bear Facts

Jack and I continue to play with the 27 stuffed animals that came from last Saturday's auction. The number was reduced by one today when this cow found a new home. It went to a very appropriate place, and I had more pleasure in passing it on to a good place, than what either Jack nor I would have ever had from it. I believe Sadie may claim the Teddy Bear that has an internal music box. So far, Jack's favorite is a soft, fuzzy, Dachshund with long brown ears. My favorite is a good sized Dakin Dog that I call "Bowzer". It has a label from the Dakin Co., San Francisco, CA and dated 1984. That would make him 30 years old but looks like he just got out of the box. Once I learned his age, I pictured him with an imported Czech beer. It is called, "Czechvar". B.Original. I suspect it's a fancy "Pevo" to the residents of the Czech Republic. 
It is somewhat unique by being 11.2 oz with a "best before" date of 8/17/17 and contains 5% alch/vol. It was given to me to take home a couple weeks ago and I saved it for a "special occasion". That occured after going over the front yard with the mower chopping up leaves. We then put the catcher on and went over it again picking up most of the residue. It was a beautiful 74 degree day, but it felt good to come inside, open up the beer and thoroughly enjoy it. I wonder what the election has done to the sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages. I suspect there has been quite an upswing by those celebrating as well as those "drowning their sorrows". In visiting with Tim last night, he reminded me of my old adage, that "Nothing is as good nor as bad in reality, as perceived in expectation". As time has gone on, I've considered revising it to: "Few things". Having spent 18 years as a Federal Civil Servant in Washington, D.C., under 5 Presidents,  there is comfort is the stability this cadre and our Nation's Laws provide.

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