Thursday, November 10, 2016

Great Grandkids at Work

We were up to Hughes this afternoon where Carolyn and Ben were entertaining Sadie and Jack in their backyard. They not only have an interesting garden in the backyard but also what could be called a "child development center". As a former 2nd grade school teacher, Carolyn has many creative ideas that enable Sadie and Jack to use their own curiosity to do things. Ben is very talented in building some of Carolyn's creations. Their entertaining themselves is reminiscent of my growing up during the drought and depression where there were no boughten "toys". My sister and I used an axle with buggy wheel to build a "Lumby-Jumby" on which we played.
Carolyn picked up a number of 4ft. 2x2's that the kids laid on a couple of 2x4's to build a platform on which to "perform" and which later served as a "platform" for their tent. I hope they will always maintain that close relationship that they enjoy at this stage. Seeing them interact makes one regret "only 1 kid" families. They are learning so much about "human relations" that will be an important part of their "make-up" for the rest of their lives. Their growth and development is a real pleasure for Great Grandparents.

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