Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rainy Day in Seward

This was a rainy day so home improvements were inside the house and involved some cleaning out and cleaning up. This is 4-years of "Journals of Soil and Water Conservation" that will go to the recycle center. They are "refereed" ,technical publications from the Soil and Water Conservation Society at Ankeny, IA. For several years, I passed them on to the Concordia Library here in Seward. They no longer stock them since much of the material is available on the Internet. I have kept those published during the years that I was the Executive VP and continue to receive them as a "lifetime" member. Jim Gulliford, the current Executive VP, writes an article occasionally which I read, but leave the technical details to those currently involved. 
Our "clean-up" focused on my desk in the living room. I don't really use it as a desk but more as a "side table" to my Queen Ann chair.We brought up a card table to use in the sorting process but forget to take a picture until there were several other "piles" around the room. Some of the books and other items will go down to my "office" on our lower level, and shared some of the pens with Elaine so she doesn't have to borrow mine. We woke up this morning with rain and have had a storm move through the area this evening. So far, we haven't had any damaging weather. Farmers are watching the clouds closely with the corn and soybean harvest underway. The beans are vulnerable to shattering during storms. The Toronto Blue Jays are up 1-0 over the Baltimore Orioles after 3 innings.

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