Wednesday, June 8, 2016

From Bone Scan to Edelweiss on Accordion

I was over to the Seward Memorial Hospital this morning  at 7:30 where Linda injected a tracer in my blood stream. After going home for a while, I went back over for a "bone scan" on this machine.  Linda is just great and makes what could be a dreadful experience, something very tolerable. I can't say enough about her compassion and professionalism. She was involved with my "stress test" several years ago so it was like seeing an old friend. Dr Henslee had ordered today's bone scan since my PSA reading had gone up significantly during the past year. It has been 24 years since I had a radical prostectomy but  cancer cells apparently exist. 
Following the bone scan, Elaine and I went to the Senior Center for the June Birthday/Anniversary Dinner. We were recognized for our 67th Wedding Anniversary, but a Lady got the flowers for having had the most Birthdays. It was a "Chicken Fried Steak Dinner" with Cherry Cheese Cake for dessert. Entertainment was provided by Paul Siebert from Lincoln who sang and played a variety of musical instruments. He started with a Guitar and went on to a Banjo, Hammer Dulcimer, Ukulele  and Accordion. He not only played and sang but gave us a lesson on the history of the songs and instruments. He sang many of the songs from Rogers and Hammerstein movies and got crowd participation with such old songs as: "You get a line,  I'll get a pole and we'll go down to the Crawdad hole". We all sang, "God Bless America" but he told of Woody Guthrie writing "This Land is My Land", after hearing Kate Smith singing "God Bless America" every time he tuned on the radio.

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