Thursday, June 23, 2016

Seward County Justice Center

This is a view of the new "Seward County Justice Center" that is under construction here in Seward. The camera is on a pole at the NW corner of 9th St. and Main (Highway 34) which takes frequent pictures that are shown on the Internet. This view is looking toward the south-east. This facility is designed to house some of the "Law related" offices that are now housed in the County Courthouse and elsewhere. Several construction modifications have resulted in cost over runs  and delays of completion date. 
It was a year ago in early June that this picture was taken showing the demolation of a relatively new building on the site that housed the County Extension Office.  During my years of working with SCS here in Seward, we utilized an old CCC camp building that had been moved on this site, to house our pickup trucks, etc.  The small house shown at the left edge of the picture was moved to this location after the new elementary school was build in 1932. Prior to being moved, it was a part of the Seward School complex as a Kindergarten building. It was the first school I attended from which I have Happy Memories.

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