Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Happy Birthday

Elaine and I got up to Heartland this afternoon to visit Charley and Ruth who are now making their home at this very nice independent living facility. Charley and I played golf together for many years. It was appropriate to include them in my birthday celebration since we used to "shoot our age" occasionally as we got into our 80's. Our visit there was just part of a very full day of phone calls, facebook,  mail messages, etc. We were out to John and Julie's for a picnic dinner of hamburgers, roasting ears, salad and cake. We ate out in their screened in back porch with very comfortable temperature. Jack and Sadie are always the center of attraction and rightly so. 
Jack learns new words every day. He just seems to "soak up" everything he hears or sees. Sadie made me a card which reflexes her feeling for my birthday. Some of the designs are difficult to interpret but she knows exactly what they  convey. She told her Daddy that he "got a good do" on the hamburgers. (Which he did).  Jack really enjoys corn on the cob. His number of teeth is limited but he has the important ones for the job at hand. It was a great birthday and it isn't over yet. Alex Gordon got a HR in his first game back with the Royals but they are still down 10-5 to the Astros in the 8th.

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