Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Yard

Verlon called this evening and asked about some of the new grass that he seeded while here a couple weeks ago. He also indicated having a new smart phone so thought I'd take this picture to let him see what it looks like. This Maple tree in our front yard seemed to be growing upward and exposing roots around the base. He took compost from our bin in the backyard, mounded it up around the trunk of the tree and seeded the grass. It's coming good. 
The Clematis at our entryway is blooming beautifully this year. It has already dropped many petals on the porch but continues to bloom. It was here when we bought the house over 30 years ago and has never missed blooming. However it does have a "twin" closer to the house with more dense ground cover that hasn't done nearly as well. I'm also showing a rose from our only Tea Rose bush. We do have a climbing rose along the backyard fence that just fends for itself and does quite well. There was a time when we had as many as 30 Tea Roses which we cared for and enjoyed, but I don't play basketball any more either.

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