Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Good Visit with Family & Doctor

Jon, Mary and Anna got in last night but before going to bed, Jon had to try out our "new" Hohner Accordion. He liked it and enjoyed it's unique sound. I haven't told him but suspect  he realizes that "someday it will all be his".  He went along to coffee this morning and enjoyed participating in the discussion. Jon has had enough wide-ranging experience to be able to contribute to most any conversation. His knowledge of computers has already paid off by teaching me some new "tricks", downloading some new updates, and showing me some "obvious" things. He and Anna both spent a lot of time on their laptops. They all went down to Pac n Sav after our telling them of the Ace Hardware becoming a part of the Grocery store. They had never seen anything like it. I spent some time over at the Hospital Specialty Clinic this afternoon for an appointment with Dr. Dale Hansen. It was a       follow up to the Heart Catheterization he did on me a year ago. He was pleased with what an Echo cardiogram showed today and scheduled another appointment for June of 2017.

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