Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jack #1 & the Governor

Jack and I took a selfie this morning and he put up his finger to say he was our #1 Great Grandson. He hadn't spent much time with us during the past couple weeks and it's amazing how much he seems to change in those few days.  His "pitching arm" gets stronger every day. It was a beautiful, clear, low 70's degree day but he would have brightened the day had it been snowing. We did some sorting of left over Garage Sale items this afternoon and took it to Et-Cetera. We were happy to see it go, and they were pleased to receive it. We have decided that is much easier for us older folks to "recycle" surplus items in that manner than by having Garage Sales. 
This evening we were at the Nebraska National Guard Museum where Governor Ricketts spoke and the Kitones sang among many other recognitions  on the "Kick-off" of 4th of July celebration. Clark Kolterman MC'd the event; his twin brother Senator Mark Kolterman spoke. Rev. Pam Williams was recognized as the Community Service Award recipient. Seward has been recognized as the Nebraska 4th of July City and the Committee continues to involve people of all ages in planning and being involved in the celebration. The Governor recognized how appropriate it is to have the Nebraska National Guard Museum in our City.

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