Thursday, June 16, 2016

Business Changes in Seward

When I went to the courthouse yesterday to renew my driver's license yesterday, it reminded me of the time some years ago when Ben and I went up in the dome and took some pictures. This is looking toward the north side of the square. The stores shown are: Second Closet, Mueri Drug, Mailands Clothing, Stylecraft, Kroger's shoe store, and Norval Bros. The first time I was in the dome was back in 1952 at the time our SCS office was in the building. At that time the Co. Attorney and I went to the dome.
Here is the picture of several of the same buildings at that time The stores were: Brockhoff Drug, Curry Brothers Clothers, Stylecraft, Kroger's shoe store, Cattle Band and Graff Clothing. This is just part of one "down town" block on the Seward business district but it shows the change that has taken place. A current picture would again show several changes. The coming on Walmart had probably been the biggest factor in changing the "make up" of not only our local business district but many others as well.

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