Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Special Days

Jon took the accordion out on the front entryway this morning and played while I worked in the yard. It attracted the attention of passing motorist and others in the neighborhood. One lady even walked over from the far side on the next block to meet Jon and visit. He is planning some "pre-parade" entertainment for those who convene on our lawn, driveway, etc. to watch the Seward 4th of July parade. There will be a couple hundred people within hearing distance at that time. Mary and Anna also keep busy with vacation activities and contacts with things at home. Anna was most concerned about her dog having health problems at the Vet's care facility. Jon spent some time with me on our PC as we went through list of problems. This is the 9th year for the HP PC which makes it pretty antique. I was concerned that Jon may insist that we get a new one but with some of the improvements  he made, will continue to use it. Being able to print from my laptop helps considerably.
Sadie was over this afternoon along with Carolyn as they stopped by to visit. We don't have as many things for a little girl to play with here as at Carolyn's place but one of her favorites is for me to take he down to my workbench. We have a small board of soft wood into which she drives nails, tacks, etc into with a hammer. Today's lesson involved the difference between a Phillips and Regular screwdriver. Her interest and curiosity at the workbench remind me so much of Julie when she was that age. The work bench has become much more cluttered during the interim, but that doesn't limit the learning that takes place sitting on a stool and working with tools.

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