Friday, June 24, 2016

My Birthdays

I had a big 5th birthday party with neighbor kids and relatives at our house in Seward. It was only topped by my last one where Carolyn took the lead in making it a special celebration. Plans have been made for getting together with our "Seward Family" tomorrow for this year's event. I've enjoyed all the cards, letters and well wishes from friends at Kiwanis, the Senior Center, Church, etc. It was on my 15th birthday that I started writing in my Daily Diary. After filling the first 5-year book, I didn't start another diary until '48. Since 1948, I have missed only 2 years of recording what happened on June 25th. The first was in 1966 when I was finishing my BA at George Washington University. I was working full-time and carrying 12 credit hours of summer school. 
The second was in 1989 when we were packing to leave Washington, D.C. and move back to Nebraska. "My Birthdays" now cover 14 pages of single space "write-up". I switched from 5-year Diary's to Journals in the '70's which provided for listing more detail. Just reading where we were and what we were doing on this one day, is a pretty good chronology of our lives. We were traveling many years  which included time in Puerto Rico, Canada, etc. After retiring, I often played golf. We probably ate lunch at "The Olive Garden" in Lincoln more often than any other place. Elaine has baked an Angle Food Cake which was a tradition over the years. I'm sure it will be another Happy Birthday.

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