Monday, June 27, 2016

Clifford Lowell at Seward Kiwanis

Clifford Lowell presented the program at Kiwanis today. He also gave the invocation and played the piano for our singing of, "God Bless America". We had a great meal of "chipped beef" over mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls and cookies for dessert. As part of the patriotic theme, President Josh asked each table to take a couple minutes and discuss what makes our country great. Under "Good News" Paul announced that he had three stints installed down at Bryan Hospital this past Friday. Marv Taylor has been contacted by Kiwanis International in regard to our Flag Pole Project. We had reports on regular activities as well as the up-coming "Swim Party", the Kitones concert on the 4th of July and the recruitment of several "Early Risers" to help Richard put up flags around the downtown light post at 5:30 am. Clifford recognized that time would not permit his giving the full story on his 4-years in the US Air Force.
He did tell of serving as a Chaplin's assistant and of having spent the last 2-years of his service in England which he enjoyed. He concluded his presentation with a Reading along with the soft accompaniment of patriotic music. It involved the "Voices of our Founding Fathers" and their recognition of God in America. Clifford is a very dedicated Christian who serves as Church Treasurer and is closely involved with the Senior Center. This will be the 5th year that he has made 2 presentations for Seward's 4th of July celebration along with singing with the Kitones for their season ending concert.

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