Sunday, June 5, 2016

Another Happy Anniversary

It was a coincidence that the mailman brought this magazine yesterday along with other Anniversary cards as Elaine and I were working at our Garage Sale. During the early years of our marriage, Elaine and I lived in a little house with wallpaper on the ceiling as well as the walls. We steamed it off shortly after moving in and put on new.  We told our friends that the two of us wall papering together was the way we tested our marriage. It's been several years now since we did any papering but our marriage is still in tact. 
The article in Time contains some interesting statistics such as: 69% of college graduates are still in their 1st marriage at age 46, the percentage drops to 38% for those that didn't finish High School. The highest divorce rate is among those who married young  and during their first 10 years of marriage. I have often said that the two best decisions I ever made was marrying Elaine and working for the USDA Soil Conservation Service (Now Natural Resources Conservation Service). The two decisions are closely related since Elaine alerted me to the possibility of the job while still my girlfriend. Living within our means has also been a major factor in our long and Happy Marriage; and, today we had Prime Rib for Dinner.

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