Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Hot Day in Seward

The Suhr-Lichty Insurance Agency in Seward  has this Weather Link on the network that is updated every half hour. It shows that we reached our high of 104 at 5:48 this afternoon. It is the first time this year that we have hit the century mark. We have been through a several day run of temperatures over 90. Ken Siemek, Channel 10/11 Weather reported recently that in 1934 we had something like 38 consecutive days of over 90 degrees. I believe it was in 1936 that we had a lengthy run of 100 + temperatures. While I was just a kid, I remember those hot temperatures very well. While we could tolerate it,  our corn crop could not. My dad and I drove home from Seward to our farm north of Garland one of those days when we practically watched fields of corn that were ready to tassel, turn white with the hot south wind. We eventually learned to plant various varieties of sorgums that were much more drought tolerant and helped get us through the drought.  Today, much of our area enjoys the benefit of irrigation but if  hot, dry weather continues, we may see milo return on dryland.

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