Monday, June 13, 2016

Kiwanis Club Communications & the Price of Steak

Seward Kiwanis President Elect Al Schmidt led  a discussion of the recent Member Satisfaction Survey at today's meeting. Only about half of our members completed the survey and this was to help clarify some of the earlier survey results. It is not surprising that communications was the topic of much of today's discussion. We are still in a transition from a Membership Directory that served us for several years into an internet system of which much of the membership hasn't become accustomed. We have our own Club Web Site as well as a Facebook site which are underutilized. The average age of our membership is older than the "smart phone" generation. While most of us have some level of computer technology, we do not post nor check on what may be posted to the Kiwanis sites like we might. I believe we will get to where we have an acceptable level of membership utilizing the system,  but it will take further acceptance, training,  and commitment.
After Kiwanis this noon, Elaine and I went down to Pac n Sav, our locally owned, only downtown grocery store. As I perused the meat cooler, I had to take a 2nd look (and picture) of this 2.95 lb. Angus Pride Tenderloin steak at $19.99 /lb for a cost of $58.97. I don't believe we have had Tenderloin Steak since growing up on the farm but distinctly remember seeing Dad strip out the Tenderloin after butchering a beef and telling me it was the choice cut. Mother prepared it, and we all enjoyed it but didn't realize how special it was. We say we were poor, but we ate well during those depression years. We wouldn't think of paying what it would cost today to eat like we did when we were poor and lived on the farm.

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