Saturday, June 11, 2016

Suspenders & Garage Sales

I found this very impressive Father's Day Card in an insulated mailer that arrived yesterday which also included black suspenders. It had a nice message inside from our oldest son in Richmond, VA. He was here a couple weeks ago working on our "home maintenance" and during the time he was here, we had lunch with Brother Don and Gladys. Don was wearing suspenders and told us of their virtues. It seems that as men get older, a belt around the waist tends to put pressure on an expanded stomach which can be relieved with suspenders. I worked out in the yard most of the morning getting the lawn sprinklers going for the first time this season. After getting wet in the process, I put on my old black shorts and tried out the new suspenders. They work pretty well but will take some "getting used to". They tend to slide off my left shoulder while reaching for things when working on the computer. I called Verlon to thank him for the card and suspenders. He told me the location of a favorite garden tool he used while here. 
We are in the midst of our first heat wave of the summer. It was in the upper 90's for the last 3 days with tomorrow to continue. There is some hope of rain on Monday but then hybrid corn farmers have been irrigating already. We have had such a nice cool spring that the heat is a sudden change. Carolyn and Julie had a Garage Sale today out at the Owens house. Elaine took care of Jack this morning while they were busy getting started. Sadie was involved with a Lemonade Stand. We sent out some of our surplus garden tools that didn't sell on our Garage Sale a week ago. I'm sure they will have things to go to Et-Cetera with what didn't sell. We will have our 2nd load to take down there in the near future.

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