Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus, Now and '92

The big news tonight is the predicted snowstorm for our area but the political news is the Iowa caucus. This picture was at at Iowa City, the home of the U of Iowa and the big crowd at the top left of the picture is Sanders supporters. The much smaller crowd to the top right are Clinton supporters and the few at the lower right are undecided. O'Malley supporters were only a handfull and out of the picture. The next picture is of a Republican caucus in the DesMoines area where votes are being counted.
We were in Iowa from mid-1989 through 1991 and didn't have a memory of the "run up" for the '92 caucus. A check revealed that George Bush was running unopposed and on the Democratic side, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin received 76% of the caucus votes. Paul Tsongas 4.1, Bill Clinton 2.8%, Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey received only 2.4% and dropped out of the race. Bill Clinton went on to become the party candidate and defeated George Bush and Ross Perot in the General election to become President.

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