Saturday, February 27, 2016

Another Seward Auction

I went to another Schweitzer Auction down at Harvest Hall this morning for the Lois Dargelogh and Gerald Rathje Estates and others. Needless to say, there was a lot of "stuff". I got there a few minutes after they started selling and spent about an hour looking at that which was available. I also enjoyed visiting with friends including Steve, a son of the Rathje's, who I worked with during the '80's at the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission. He is still working there though it is now combined into the Department of Natural Resources. There were actually very few things there that I would have been interested in buying but think of it like going to a museum. There was an ERTL 1940 John Deere combine that would have been an addition to my toy tractor collection. After lunch, Elaine and I went back down but it was sold.
I hadn't realized they would be selling from 2 rings and didn't think they would get through things as soon as they did. Elaine and I did enjoy this old Maytag washing machine like the one our Mothers had while we were growing up. When we moved from Seward to the old Vrana farm north of Garland in 1932, Mother had to replace the electric motor on her washing machine with a little Maytag engine. It was just another one of the many adjustments that had to be made. However, the decision to make the move was one of the best the folks ever made. 

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