Friday, February 26, 2016

Down on the Farm Politics

This "yellowed" newspaper clipping tells of an event Elaine and I hosted at our farm back in 1982 for Nebraska Governor Charles Thone in his re-election campaign. I was working at the NE Natural Resources Commission at the time and had a close working relationship with the Governor's Office. We had an excellent local committee involved in the event. Dorothea Bek was County Chair of the Republican party, "Pete" Peterson was retired from a State position and a personal friend of the Governor; Bill Hartman was also close to the Governor as were the Kirklands. I had also gotten involved in partisan politics following my Civil Service Career. Our acquaintance with the Thone's went back to Washington, D.C. where we were with USDA and Governor Thone was a Nebraska Congressman. The event at our farm was great. We had a large crowd of people who really got to know the Governor and his wife Ruthie. We had food, speakers and entertainment, which all seemed to enjoy. However, our efforts were unsuccessful in the Governor's bid for re-election. He lost to a young war hero named Bob Kerrey who went on to represent Nebraska in the Senate after one term as Governor. Recently,  the Lincoln Journal Star carried a story written by Ruthie who had just returned to their Legacy home following hospitalization. She mentioned that she and Charles were "house" people these days.

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