Wednesday, February 10, 2016

1993-An Interesting Year

I slipped a CD with pictures from the early '90's into my laptop and went through some of them while watching the Nebraska basket ball team get beat by Wisconsin this evening. Those were good years when we had retired from daily jobs, were involved with several organizations and did a lot of traveling. Carolyn and Julie contributed considerably to our pleasure and happiness. We had brought the VW new in the fall of '67 and gave it to Jon in the late '70's and brought it back in the early '90's. We had it repainted, the 
engine rebuilt, and pulled it behind our Motor Home. We had some great trips from Yellowstone to North Carolina and some winters in Texas. All 4 of our kids learned to drive the VW and I don't remember if Julie did. My guess is that she drove it quite a bit after student driver training. Elaine got a new hair-do and permanent for her birthday in '93 as she often does. We did many interesting things that year. She and I were invited as guests to participate in a Lincoln Cosmos Club formal dance. Tim and & I went on a baseball trip, Soucek's, Don's and us went to the Czech Republic, and the girls went with us to Mackinaw Island. It was a great year.

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