Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Good Day at Our House

I came home from coffee early this morning to spend some time with Great-Grandson Jack. We played with the little flashlight which he knows exactly how to "turn on". Elaine had his "toys" spread out in the living room for him, including the little rocking chair. I continue to be amazed at how well he can throw a small rubber ball that's just a bit smaller than a baseball. He actually does it "overhand" part of the time. After a few trips through the hallway to the kitchen, through the dining room and back to the living room, he was ready to go downstairs. I had to hustle to get ahead of him as we both "backed down" the steps with him doing it on all four. He played with more of the tractors and cars and then listened and danced to the Ernie Kucera Orchestra record.
He wasn't anxious to leave when his Mother came back to pick him up. He had been fed and spent some time with Great Grandma watching the birds at the feeder just outside. She even finished feeding him his lunch while he sat on my lap. In addition to having Jack here for a while we also got to see Sadie and Julie down at Walmart. Elaine got a permanent this afternoon and after picking her up, we went out to get a few things, and the first people we saw in the store were Julie and Sadie. By coincidence, we also walked out together to our cars which were parked in the same area.

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