Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Great Grandson vs Politics

Jack spent some time with us again this morning. It seems like he "grows" between visits when we spend time with him once a week. He doesn't open his mouth very much when he smiles but once in a while you see the two bottom teeth and the one on the top. When he is with Elaine and I, he seems to see and hear some things ahead of our noticing them. He spent quite a bit of time looking out the kitchen window at the Red Bellied Woodpecker, Collared Doves, Juncos and other birds on the feeder. We never did get to see a squirrel approach the bird feeder and realize the recently installed "buffer" would keep him from getting to the feeder. The snow cover in the backyard is nearly gone with the 45 degree temperatures we've had lately.
One of the other many things that he enjoys doing when he's at our house, is setting on my lap and taking a picture with the laptop. Once the "button is punched", it counts down 3 seconds before the picture is snapped. So, its always a bit of a guess as to what we might get. We bought a little toy red and white SUV for him when we were in Lincoln yesterday. He liked it at first sight but became a bit impatient when we had to look for a tiny Phillips screwdriver to remove a screw and get it out of the package. Having Jack with us occasionally is a great boast to our morale. We need that to help us cope with what we are hearing and seeing of the Presidential  debates and everything surrounding them..

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