Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trip to Lincoln

We have fought squirrels all winter as they got to our bird feeder and would empty it in a couple days. While looking around in the basement of the EtCetera store  recently, one of the fellows who works there told of getting this "cone" from Mennard's that keeps them away. We were in Lincoln today and brought one home with us. Mennard's is a big hardware store and after getting directions, was able to get in the area of bird feed, etc. I waited for a clerk to take me directly to them while he finished waiting on another customer. When it was obvious he wasn't going to make a sale to that customer he asked if he could help me. The customer turned around and here it was, Merle Thompson, a first cousin. 
We chatted a bit, and Elaine had already found what we were looking for. We bought a few other things and went on to Elaine's appointment with Dr. Hofker, her Audiologist. As she gains experience with her hearing aids and relates problems to him, he is able to make adjustments, teach her new techniques, and give her confidence that she is making progress in helping her brain adjust to them. We stopped at Super Saver in Fallbrook on our way home and were then able to get our "Squirrel Baffle" installed at home.  All-in-all, it was a good trip and a good day. I would like to see that squirrel encounter the baffle for the first time. I wish we had a "trail-cam" that would catch him in the act but maybe he will still be trying to figure it out as we eat breakfast.

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