Friday, February 12, 2016

Old "Dogs" and new Tricks

I went through some old pictures on a CD this evening and came across this one. It was labeled, "Teaching an old dog, new tricks". This was taken in June of 2010 and includes Carolyn with her dog, Jack, me and Julie. Many changes have taken place since but I am still learning "new tricks". I an indebted to Carolyn and Julie for having the patience to get me started on our first computer back in the early '90's and have continued to "tutor" me over the years. I started writing my blog the fall this picture was taken and have continued to the present time. This was an interesting day that included a 9:00am 1st Impressions Meeting, Coffee, Fish dinner at the Senior Center, and going to the Seward Crossmakers facility and making a purchase. The Crossmakers have sold over 57,000 of their product during the past few years and continue to expand their volunteer activities. It is a real success story of volunteers as is the Seward Senior Center and the 1st Impressions  Committee. And, the volunteers are rewarded with an active lifestyle, fellowship,  and the satisfaction of doing for others.

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