Friday, February 19, 2016

Fish in Bee

Elaine and I had a "spot" of wine out on the deck this evening in 66 degree weather. During our visit we decided to go to Bee for fish. The sun was at the perfect angle for taking a picture of the recently completed addition to the hospital; so after shooting that, we went on out Columbia Avenue and took the "Golf Course Road" to Bee. Our first surprise was seeing the new home construction on North Columbia and Waverly Road. Seward continues to grow. We went past the old Flowerday farm where Elaine was raised and noted the changes that continue to take place. Fish in Bee has become a Friday evening institution. The place was full when we got there and shared a table with a couple from Seward and their 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl. It made for an interesting and enjoyable dinner. They were relatively newcomers to Seward, but we had no problem finding things to visit about. A final pleasure was enjoying the beautiful sunset as we drove back to Seward on the highway.

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