Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jack's Education

I try to teach Jack something every time we have the opportunity to take care of him. This morning's lesson was on "saving money". While the reason for doing it was a bit beyond his comprehension, the challenge of taking coins from my hand, one at a time, and putting them in the slot of the piggy bank was met. It began to be routine after the first few so to help him learn that saving isn't always that easy, I turned the pig so the slot was off 90 degrees from what he had become familiar. It took a while but he got it figured out by himself. I have no idea as to what such an exercise accomplishes, but my guess is that it caused that little brain to make some connections that had never been made before. 
This may be one of those things that we just "always knew".  Or, maybe the new connections will make other decisions possible. He has always been my "Buddy" but has never demonstrated his affections as strongly as this noon when his mother came to pick him up. He actually fought and cried to stay with me rather that get strapped into his car seat to go home.  While we have 5 grand children and only one of them a boy, who lives in Indiana, this Great Grandson is the first little boy with whom I've been able to have a close personal relationship. I hope this can continue to the point that someday he might tell a Grandchild that he remembers something (anything) that his old Great Grandad taught him.

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