Thursday, February 18, 2016

Record Tying Temperature Day

Elaine and I spent some time outdoors this afternoon. Lincoln TV  reported a high of 70 to tie the record for this date. Ken Siemek said that it hit 70 sometime between 5:30 and 6:00pm today. We took these pictures at 3:30 with the thermometer on our deck showing 72 degrees. It felt good and really had the birds singing. We even saw our Red Bellied Woodpecker again today. Elaine went up to visit her sister Joyce who has been in the Ridgewood care facility here in Seward for several years. She is 96 and appears to get very good care, but her quality of life is certainly questionable. 
I went out with Marv this afternoon taking pictures of new Kiwanis members which we are adding to our Portalbuzz file in the Kiwanis Indianapolis Headquarters computer system. While Elaine was gone with our new car, I started up our old car which hasn't been driven for 2-3 weeks while the weather has been bad. It kicked right off so I might even start using it again tomorrow. Keeping 2 cars is a bit of a luxury we afford ourselves. We justify it for those rare occasions when we do both "need" a car, but my reluctance to part with it, is probably the main reason it is still in our garage. The "logical" thing would be to trade them both in on a new one but when you get to our age, few new things are as "good" as the old one.

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