Sunday, February 7, 2016

Superbowl #50

Halftime is over and while I appreciated it as a spectacular presentation, I wish it could have been more enjoyable. But I  also have a problem understanding some of the commercials. I might be getting old, or something. I'm rooting for Denver because of Peyton Manning and hope they can hang on to win. While I have seen Major League baseball games in all 30 of the Stadiums, I have never seen a professional football game. I did get to see the Washington Redskins play an exhibition game when we lived there.
When it was noted that this was the 50th Superbowl game, I went to my old diary to see what I may have written about it.  I found nothing but several blank pages and realized it was early in the last semester of my BA degree program. I was carrying 18 credit hours and working full time. I was able to take a couple of the courses on "official time" since they closely applied to my job. I don't know how I did it, but did manage to graduate. The extra effort at that stage of my life is what has helped to provide a comfortable retirement today. Incidentally, Elaine, just served a piece of warm apple pie with ice cream which increased the pleasure of the evening considerably. And, Denver leads 24 to 10 with 3:08 to go. "Omaha".

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