Sunday, February 28, 2016

These were Busy Time

This was taken of Elaine and I back in the '70's when we lived in Arlington, VA on Ridge Road.  She was working with the Forest Service and I was with the Soil Conservation Service with our offices in the same wing of the USDA South building. We drove our VW Beetle to work and parked in a lot a block or so from our offices. We were both advancing in our positions and the kids were doing well in school. I am doing some writing on "My Career in the Soil Conservation Service" and realize how much traveling I did in those days. As Director of Personnel for the Agency with some 14,500 employees at some 3,300 locations throughout the country, we were deeply involved with minority employment. We worked closely with the 1890 Land Grant Colleges in recruitment as well as other institutions. Our Student Trainee program was very successful in providing summer employment of students with an opportunity for full-time employment upon graduation. As I now am going back and writing about those days, I wonder how we were able to do everything that we did. They were probably some of the most productive years of our lives. Though as we got older, experience and knowledge were able to help compensate for the loss of energy. (The picture above the fireplace now hangs above our couch and Great-Grandson Jack like to point at various parts of it.

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