Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Big Birthday Party

Elaine and I had the pleasure of helping celebrate a big birthday of a Garland High School friend this afternoon at the 1st Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln. Dolores was a year behind me in HS though there is only about 6 months difference in our ages. She moved with her parents to Lincoln soon after HS  where she married, had a family and a successful career with the State Farm Insurance Co. She has close relatives that we see frequently but have only seen Dolores at occasional HS Alumni reunions. She and I are the only remaining members of our graduating classes. It was interesting to get to meet her family and grandchildren.
We had interesting visits with her grandsons. One of whom went to school with Alex Gordon and is a great baseball fan. He was impressed with my having seen games in all 30 of the current Major League parks. The other is an attorney working in D.C. with whom we were able to relate. I mentioned my old Diary from HS days and how I had noted when Dolores had her 16th birthday. After this many years, it was a real pleasure to help her celebrate this one, and she invited us to come back for her next big one.

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