Saturday, February 13, 2016

Interesting Auction

I attended an Auction this morning that was held in Seward that was conducted by Schweitzer's who did their usual good job. There was an outstanding array of Nebraska athletic collectibles as well as many other memorabilia items. We have talked about how much our Great Grandson would enjoy a Hobby Horse like the one shown, but this was not for him. It was in good shape for its age with a coat of imitation "horse hair". Some of the items appear to have been in an Antique store at one time since this item had a price tag on it for an exceptionally high price. I don't know what it brought.
This elderly gentleman is looking at the "remains" of Harry Husker. It was a papier- mache head that was worn on the shoulders of a member of the cheering squad as a popular mascot back in the 1970's. Harry morphed into "Herbie Husker", who too has been replaced. I didn't stay to see it sold. I was surprised at the price several items that I did see sell such as a quart fruit jar of marbles for $205.; Nazi war metals for over $400.; Red Wing crocks and jug each for over $600. Seward facilities are becoming popular for bringing in collections such as these for auction. I enjoy them.

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