Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Heavy Snow in Seward Area

This is the way our back yard appears this afternoon out of our kitchen window. The good news is that the Groundhog didn't see his shadow this morning which predicts an early spring. The additional good news is that we had no reason to go anywhere today. I did go out, start up the snow blower and clean off the driveway. It was reported that Seward received 9.5". It was very wet and heavy and until I worked with it, wouldn't have estimated over about 7.5". The birds were very active around the feeder and school will be closed again tomorrow. The I-80 Interstate was closed earlier today from Kearney to Lincoln.
This is the way our deck looked this afternoon. We didn't get our Lincoln or Omaha newspapers nor did we receive any mail. The street past our house has not been cleared but a few vehicles have driven on it. We did receive a York Advantage weekly newspaper that is distributed free of charge. The carrier is certainly to be commended for their effort. We and another couple are scheduled to host a meeting of our Magazine Club on Thursday evening. We had some final planning discussion this afternoon and expect things to be cleared so that it can proceed as scheduled.

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