Thursday, February 25, 2016

History of People in Seward County Nebraska

This 536 page, 8 by 11 inch, hard cover book titled "Seward County Nebraska" was written by the people of Seward County and published in 1982 by the County Historical Society.   Jane Graff served as Book Project Chairman. The Societies Officers and Board of Directors worked for a couple years in getting families to provide the genealogical story of their families' history in coming to Seward County and their lives here. Unfortunately, neither Elaine's nor my family got our "stories" included in the book. However, our names are included as part of the extended family story of one of her Aunt's. It is one of the most frequently consulted reference books in our library. This afternoon a couple from Lancaster County, with  whom we have been friends for many years, came to visit. They were looking for information on some of their family history, and we had told them of the possibility of information in the book being of help to them. We enjoyed their visit and made copies of a couple pages for them with some of their family history. Elaine has also given them information as to where they may be able to get one of the books. The "book" is an example of how a small group of people, took the leadership in producing some 35 years ago, that becomes more valuable as time goes on. We need more of that today

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