Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Snow, Sunshine and Optomism.

I didn't take this picture today but could have taken one almost identical. While I started the snow blower yesterday and cleaned off the south half of the driveway, the City came through during the night and left a big ridge of packed snow at the bottom of the driveway. The wind also blew some snow back over where I had  cleaned earlier. So, this afternoon when the temperature got up to near 30 and the sun was shining brightly, I went out with the old farm aluminum scoop shovel and cleared the City ridge. I used the "pusher" to clean the snow that had blown in. I've decided to leave the north half go till it melts off this weekend.
 I didn't take this picture today either but once in a while it helps old folks morale to see pictures that were taken when they were young. We had our first child, had moved in to our own little house and were in the "prime of our lives". The "helmet" I'm wearing was from the IHC Implement Dealer but I used white paint to cover the emblem and printed "SCS" on it. Elaine was doing part time typing work and we were both picking up jobs in addition to my regular employment. It was during the summer this picture was taken than we dug a trench through the back yard, had a bathroom built on and installed in-door plumbing. We were able to pay for most of it as we went along. Young people started out a lot different in those days than today.

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