Friday, February 5, 2016

"Doc" Byron Winters Written Record

I am reading a 95 page document written by Dr. Byron K. Winter as he completed his 40-year service to the community as a Veterinarian and involved citizen. Doc and his family came to Seward in 1960 as a newly licensed practitioner having received his DVM from Iowa State. He had served during WWII, was called back into active duty for the Korean War, and taught Voc Ag before enrolling in the DVM program. Most of the 95 pages are filled with his 1st person accounts of incidents with customers during his professional career.  The publication is most interesting to me because of having known him for over 50 years and also by knowing a very high percentage of the farmers and others involved in the stories he tells. Doc lived an exampliary life and died this past June at age 8. Here is part of what was included in his "Life Legacy": “Doc” was a vital part of the Seward community his entire professional life. He was an active member of the United Methodist Church, serving in nearly every capacity and leadership position. He was a member of the Seward Area Chamber of Commerce, a City of Seward City Council Member for 12 years, served on the School District of Seward Board of Education for 24 years, was a member of the Memorial Health Care System Board of Directors, a founding member of Seward Kiwanis, longtime member of the Seward Magazine Club, a strong supporter of the Seward County 4-H program and was inducted into the Seward County Hall of Agricultural Achievement." His writing of these personal experiences, as well as his writing of his Korean War duty, provide a perspective that can be gained only "by having been there and done that".

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