Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thomas Mahlin Auction

I attended the Thomas Mahlin Estate auction conducted by Schweitzers at the Seward Ag Pavilion today. There was a large crowd with many out of town bidders. This 2003, 22' Airstream trailer was the "feature item" but it was supported with one of the largest collections of cameras and photography equipment that I have ever seen at an auction. This is not to say that there wasn't a lot of everything else that shows up on estate auctions only there were several of every items. Schweitzers normally set up chairs and sell from a higher level so people 
can see what is being sold but there was so much "stuff" there wasn't room to set up the normal number of chairs. Plus there were about twice as many bidders as what normally attend. I didn't buy a thing but enjoyed looking at many items. Word in the crowd was that things were selling very well. I did have an opportunity to visit with several people. I enjoyed looking at the photography equipment but couldn't understand why anyone would want to have 3 identical tripods. Sales like this always makes one wonder about their own "stuff" and how best to get rid of it when it is no longer being used or of little value to anyone else. A box of several hundred 35mm slides at this sale really brought to my attention how much things may mean to those involved  but not to anyone else.

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