Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Significant Chapter

I spent a few hours this afternoon working on Chapter VI of "My Career in the Soil Conservation Service." It covered my 3 years as Assistant Director of the Personnel Division during 1969-72 until I became Director. We were in our Arlington Ridge Road house and the kids were in or approaching college. Elaine was working for the USDA Forest Service and we were driving our VW Beetle to work together. I had just completed my MBA and these were interesting times of protest by Peace, Equal Opportunity, etc. groups.
It was during this period that Bob Short moved the Washington Senators baseball team from D.C. to Arlington Texas, but we saw many games before they left, especially when Mickey Mantle and the Yankees came to town. I traveled quite a bit in my job but in addition, we got out to Nebraska to visit family as often as possible.These were very "trying times" on the national scene but in retrospect, very good years as far as our family and our careers were concerned.

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